Beauty Regimen by Toopsi Ray

Using RASA products give me a sense of nostalgia because they reinforce me and my two daughters lifelong habit of looking into the kitchen and garden for our beauty regimen!

One of our most favorite is using the used coffee grounds as a soap cum exfoliater! We as a family brew and drink filter coffee everyday.The grounds were dried in the sun or the microwave and stored in an airtight container in the bathroom.All we did was to add a little bit of any oil like coconut oil ,mix it with the grounds and use that instead of soap.Often my daughters would add a drop of some great smelling essential oil for a touch of luxury! That's it! You will not believe how smooth our skin would feel ! Added to the fact of reducing the use of commercial soap.. and our carbon footprints! 

Do try it out sometime....!

The author is an Academician, A Mother and A Business Women

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